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"Sometimes I Get Sad and I Don’t Know Why"

Suicide Prevention Line
Guide to Help With Depression
Depression Screening Test

So a couple years ago I went through what I’m pretty sure was depression. I was never diagnosed, but looking back all of the signs were there. I also suffered from anxiety, which was a whole other monster entirely.
Depression is something a lot of people go through, but the scary thought is a lot of us don’t even realize what is going on, that it could be treatable, that we could actually get help. Sometimes it goes away on it’s own. Sometimes it doesn’t.

I know this comic doesn’t exactly have a “happy” ending, but it was important for me to convey my big fear of that depression coming back. I feel like knowing what was going on, what may happen again, helps me a lot. If I can help somebody by sharing my experience, then I’ll feel even better.


*calls 911*

911: hello, 911, what is your emergency?

me: help!! i lost my virginity!!

911: um im sorry.. but.. i dont think..

me: no, i lost my pet, “virginity” its name is virginity !

911: ohhh! xD

me: xD

to the people who have followed me lately that I did not greet


Just an experiment. Reblog if you actually give a fuck about male victims of domestic violence and rape.




Of fucking course

What sick bastard doesn’t

"You’d be surprised", said Xaldien, who just lost four followers and received a lovely "men can’t be raped" anon shortly after reblogging this the first time.

Yowch, disgusting.


youre gonna look so goddamn cool





Im in need of a new drug. Some thing thats ever lasting and changes my life forever. I want it to be burning hot and ice cold. I want it to be strong and slightly controlling. It must have a gentle touch. I want it to grow with me and make me its addiction. My previous drug is gone sadly having little effect on me. The sad thing is that I only had it for a year. Usually it takes me months to finish or get tired of a drug. But no it was like eveytime I touched it. It was a new experience. My addiction is is the felling of getting your heart broken. And the way they do it. The idea of pain kept me on it. Sadly I let my feeling inner twine with my addiction but it was different because I felt it do the same. Usually it takes months do get over a addiction. But how do you get help for a drug you use everyday. How do you stop something you have no control of. It took me and strip me of my self. I was under its control waiting for its orders. Following its every command what is it. Finally I let go. And it swallowed me whole. My body thrashed it to a puddle of it. He finally attempted to cut out my heart. With a razor of words it sliced into my chest. Taking its once friendly hands and jabbing them into my hawherechest. Twisting and clawing my in side. Digging deeper slowly getting frustrated from the feel of goo. Yelling and spitting at me asking me “where is it”. I laugh at the question every time. But my drug never finds it funny. It will spend hours slicing and shoving its hand deeper and deeper rubbing its hand in evey space. In search for something I lost that years ago. And after giving up on it. It pulls its hand out with back liquid. With the smell of coal and gasoline.I giggled from the look it displayed. I giggle untill the sound of drips fell to the floor. Slowly turning in to a pour. Fallowing the drips that fell from its hand. Following its steps. Grabbing its leg tripping it over. Restraining it Covering it and slowly eating his flesh. I watch him plead in pain. Realizing its mistake. And I watch it jolt,kick,and moan in pain. Dragging my hand along its body. Digging them into its tender flesh. Braking each and every bone possible. Ripping and twisting its ears. Laughing each time inflicting pain in it. The feeling of its eyes gaze upon my hand. Those eyes get me every time. The begging and crying makes my body tingle. It looks at me with fear. But it didn’t fear me when it gutted me out. And left me on the wall dripping. So I’m not going to fear it as I do what I want to it. Scaring its soft skin. Slicing its soul. Degrading its thoughts. Making it feel under me. It continues for hours. Till its left weak and cold. Heart hardly beating. Finally taking my nails traceing a circle in the home of its chest. As its eyes open. Hoping and begging for remorse. I tear its chest open and slowly pull out its heart. Hearing it screaming and moaning in pain. Giving me a buzz. The more he cried. The higher I got. It was so good. Ripping its heart out. For my keeping. See I take the heart of things that take mines. Claiming it as mine



By Carol Rossetti (originally in color, I hope she forgives me!)

These photosets keep circulating and they make me so happy. Because constantly I feel afraid about things I enjoy or do and these make me feel so much better